"The Belt"

by Dale E. Lehman

Only the rich and the ruthless survive
A twisty science fiction drama on Mars and in the asteroid belt
# Sci-Fi
# Dystopian
# Drama
# Futuristic
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Upon discovering a rock bearing ancient microfossils, exobiologist Dr. Miguel Hernandez seeks to preserve a tract of Mars for further research. But Lowell Colony Mayor Andre Rand covets the same area for expansion. Framed for sabotage, Miguel must flee into the deadly Martian wilderness and, if possible, collect additional evidence before it’s destroyed by construction. In a society driven by greed and ruled by corruption, Miguel stands to lose all. His friends betray him and his top students become targets. Even his secret weapon, Andre’s duplicitous wife, turns on him. And then Miguel discovers a truth more terrifying still: behind everything lurks a shadowy figure from the asteroid belt. And she doesn’t just want Mars. She wants Miguel and his students.