"The Fibonacci Murders"

by Dale E. Lehman

"I start with Zero. Nobody dies today."
A tense murder mystery based on an infinite sequence of numbers.
# Mystery
# Police Procedural
# Detective
# Crime
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The strange note delivered to Howard County, Maryland Detective Lieutenant Rick Peller proves to be a warning shot. Soon Peller and his protégés Detective Sergeants Corina Montufar and Eric Dumas are pursuing a cunning killer basing murders on the Fibonacci series, a mathematical sequence in which each number is the sum of the preceding two. And the only thing Peller knows for sure is that the series never ends. As the murderer switches up methods, locations, and even the meanings of the numbers, questions multiply. Are the murders random, or do they have a purpose? Why is the Pentagon eager to keep a lid on the investigation? Does the killer know Peller? Can the detectives stop him before he commits his final, terrible crime? A thrilling, fast-paced crime drama, "The Fibonacci Murders" is the first novel in Dale E. Lehman's Howard County Mystery series.